Riversong stream w Bluetooth neckband earphone

Riversong stream w Bluetooth neckband earphone



“Riversong, we take life as a running river and a never-ending song. We praise the passion for life, respect for life, respect for nature, care for human and hope for future. Driven by the brand spirits, Riversong dedicates to providing innovative, intelligent, and user-friendly smart gadgets to consumers worldwide. Riversong Stream W Wireless Neckband Headphone is a combination of all the best features in one headphone. It’s an All-in-One neckband headphone that we have curated to give you the best music experience. 🗸 Its light weight and hangs around your neck without letting you realise that there’s anything you’re carrying and you can enjoy your music hands free. 🗸 The long lasting battery life ensures you listen to music without any interruptions. 🗸 The water resistant feature makes it your best buddy while working out. 🗸 The sound quality it offers delivers premium output and proper noise cancellation even in crowded noisy places.”

Features & details

  • PERFECT FIT: Stream W wireless neckband earphones are a very good fit for the ones who are always on-the-go. Listen to your favourite music and be free from any movement interruptions, as these earphones are completely wireless, its steady and fits well in the ear with its ear fins. When not in use, the headphones can rest easily on your neck.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND: Along with super deep bass and clear beats, Riversong Stream W Wireless Neckband Headphones provide superior quality sound experience which will immerse you in a beautiful world of music.
  • WATER RESISTANT: Stream W is water resistant with IPX4 so don’t be afraid of sweat or splashes of water on your neckband. Just enjoy your music while working out or hanging around, your earphones are resistant and durable, they will remain your companion in whatever activity you do in whatever weather.
  • BLUETOOTH 5.0: Stream W, has the most stable and interruption-free Bluetooth connection as it offers you the latest version of Bluetooth technology. The new version of Bluetooth 5.0 is faster and has 8x better broadcasting message capacity. You will never have to deal with lost connectivity or wait for your device to re-pair.
  • “LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Enjoy your music all-day without any interruptions, thanks to the amazing 165 mAh battery Stream W has to offer. Charges quickly in within 3 hours and lasts for at least 12 hours. Enjoy your music non-stop! “

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