Tempered Glass Guard for Realme XT/Realme X2

Tempered Glass Guard for Realme XT/Realme X2



Wash Your Hand First And Dry Your Hands With A Clean Or Disposable Towel Or Air Dry, Lay Using The Microfiber Cloth On The Screen To Keep The Dust Off, Prepare The Screen Protector-Carefully Remove It From Its Packaging, Remove The Cloth From The Screen, Slowly Align The Protector, And Place It On The Scree, Get A Credit Card Or Similar Item As A Scorer And Use This To Carefully Remove All The Air Bubbles

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Features & details

  • Front Tempered/Trink and Back is 0.33MM Flexible Transparent Fiber Sheet
  • HD+ clarity ensures perfect match with your screen with zero impact on visual display.
  • REMOVABLE: If broken can be removed easily and replaced
  • FRONT AND BACK CLEAR: HD Clarity with 100% transparency and oleophobic anti-smudge coating maintain your devices original HD viewing experience and high-
  • Included component: Screen protector, Dry Wipe, Wet Wipe.

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